Friday, November 6, 2009

sweet moments

i keep saying "i need to write down the sweet things that charlie is doing..." so here we go:

- flirtatious "hi"- is SO cute- batting her L-O-N-G eyelashes & softly saying hi. it melts our hearts!
- sharing- the halloween candy bucket kept her busy for a long time- pull the candy in, take it out, put it in..... one day she was handing me pieces and for whatever reason i wasn't paying attention. charlie grabs my hand, opens it, and places a piece of candy in it. so sweet.
- jason taught her "just kidding" where she cracks up- he'll pass balls, toys, candy, whatever back and forth but every now and then instead of giving it to her he grabs it back and says, "tricked you..." she laughs and laughs. i think she is learning to trick us now too.
-"daddy's home"- when jason gets home if we're in the family room she rushes to the window where she can see him get out of the car- she laughs and squeals when he comes up to the window to see her.
- noticing other babies- we've had several itty bitty babies over recently and she is interested in them for sure. maybe she needs a sibiling? :)
-crusing all around- it is just fascinating to watch her figure things out- learning to sit back down on her own, leanring that certain drawers will pinch fingers- down to little things like helping herself get dressed.
-weaned herself from nursing- right at 11 months. i am glad she stopped when she was ready.

we're coming up on her first birthday- where did the time go? and it took about a year- but i am having my first night away from home this weekend- and i have to say that i CANNOT wait! i have really needed a break and am going to the beach with a girlfriend to volunteer at a friends 5K race. saturday afternoon- come on! :)