Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Winter Ravioli

I made this (from a real simple mag. recipie) our first christmas together, and i still love it. i've added our favorite things along the way.

-frozen ravioli (love the trader joes portabello mushroom)

-canelli beans (one or two cans, depending on how much you want to make)

-canned diced tomatos

-sauted spinach (with garlic, onion & mushroom)

mix altogether for an easy, filling, delicious meal! ummmm

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kalas- they must be greek

Whenever we go over the bridge to edgewater (3 or 4 days out of the week) I have several sweet memories of my parents.
Kalas Funeral Home despite it being a funeral home brings a big smile to my face. Whenever my parents visited- every time we drove by my dad would say "Kalas, they must be Greek." I am talking every time. I think my mom would get irritated, but eventually just laughed as did I. We loved the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so I think some of the joking came from that.

Another Edgewater story involved road trips to new york YEARS and YEARS ago. We ALWAYS took the back roads when traveling- so instead of I95 for 9 hours we traveled via 301 to Nana's house. I do remember all of the car dealerships in waldorf (we have a picture of Ivan with the hummers & palm trees) and the playground equipment at the Maryland welcome center with the powerplant in the background.
One of the first times my parents came to our townhouse in Edgewater they kept saying- we can't believe that you live near the baseball bat! Baseball bat huh? And sure enough- near the burger king & annap. seafood restaurant there is a giant concrete baseball bat. There must have been a batting cage or mini golf or something there back in the day. And our house was right behind that.

I love how something from my past is relevant and can give me something to smile about in the present.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sweet thing

Charlie continues to grow and change at a considerable rate every day.
She started walking on new years eve- that will be easy to remember.
Since then we have been ON THE GO. we don't sit still for a moment and i am tired all the time!

sweetest things though:
charlie is feeding her teddy bears and dolls bottles- SO sweet. This was totally unprompted (she first used a shampoo bottle for a bottle- then we pulled out some old ones.)
and she is kissing every animal or baby in any of her books. SO sweet.