Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My girls

Had a fabulous weekend with my two best girlfriends Alicia and Jessica. We walked a ton- spent hours in Ikea- spent hours locked in our bedroom laughing and laughing- just the best times. I was so sad to see them leave- but so excited that they got to spend the weekend in Maryland. Love ya ladies!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another day at the front desk!

Hi Friends!
Nothing too exciting to report- working at the front desk again so I have some time to chill in front of the computer.
Two of my best friends are coming to town late tonight, so I couldn't be happier about that. And it's funny- I hear talk in the office about a middle or high school lock in tomorrow- makes me think of the good old days at Chapel Hill Weselyan and the crazy lock ins we had there..... those days were the best.
It's crazy to think about what high school (and younger) kids are faced with today- it's a little scary to see kids not be kids.... I'm thankful to have had friends that cared about me spiritually during those times, and while we had the best times of our lives, it was never anything bad. OK, I'm a goody goody! :) But I never thought of myself that way. I pray for our little girl now- that she has protective friends and is not drawn to all the evil & sin. It's cool to think about ALL the friends that we have having babies right now- some will move away and some will stay- but these are the people that our little ones will be around. That is a cool thought. (because we're not moving anywhere! we'll be on hunting ct till we can't walk up the steps!- and then we'll put in a chair lift! :) )

Anyway, excited about the weekend!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Worst Dinner Ever!

So for all the Trader Joe's shoppers out there, I don't recommend the Lightly Battered Calamari or the Coconut Shrimp (both in frozen section). I thought since these are the two things I love to get when we're eating out and I'd try to go a cheaper route and make them myself..... not such a great idea. Both of them were so nasty (granted I baked them instead of frying.....). We ended up at Denny's for dinner (in my opinion, not that much better) but Jason was happy w/ his grand slam and I was pretty much full from my 5:00 ice cream snack. :)
I'll stick to the calamari at McCormick & Shmicks & the coconut shrimp at Pussers or Yellowfin.

Hope everyone else's dinner was great!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Managed by Christ

Whew, what a week. I took a long nap today and am looking forward to going back to sleep! We just had a great dinner of fried chicken, baked beans & corn on the cob...... ummm.

I was babysitting for a good friend on Friday night and ordered a pizza for dinner. I was sitting down eating and feeding the baby (messiest eater I have ever seen!) I looked over at the pizza box and it read "Your pizza order managed by christ" Now of course that was probably a Christopher or Chris T.... but this was just what I needed to see. If Jesus cares about me and my pizza, he cares about everything else in my life too! It was a very nice reminder.

I've started to feel Little C kicking around a little! It's very cool and still catches me off guard. All appointments are going well and she's just a growing! I'm growing too, starting to not fit in my regular tees....... Here is almost 22 weeks, we missed the 20 week mark.....

Another exciting week ahead..... :) It's been nice not having a lot planned and getting to hang out with good friends. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Working ALL day before the long weekend

I am covering the front desk at work yesterday and today. I have completed the things that I needed to do for my work. Now what? I've chatted w/ friends on Facebook, looked through everyones pics on myspace, created baby registries at a couple of places (WAY too many options!), caught up on everyone else's blogs, read blogs of people I don't know, I took my boss to the airport, copied Jason's email addresses, paid a lot of bills, and have eaten lunch and then some. And it's not even 2pm!

We're headed to Ocean City tomorrow for a quick trip- I'm looking forward to sleeping under the umbrella. It is going to be hot. My shrinking bladder will be no fun, and getting into a bikini is a scary thought. The water is way too cold for me to get in up here- how far away are the outlets in Rehobeth? :)

It's hard to believe it's July. July isn't too booked- which is nice. August is crazy, I'll be away every weekend. Looking forward to spending time in NC- I miss it a ton.

OK, open to suggestions on what to do online. :)

Another picture of Ivan & Lucia that I have on this computer:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Little C

Our Little C is a Little She! We had a sonogram last Thursday and Jason & his mom were with me. It was such an exciting time. The nurse didn't tell us right away, so it was fun just to be watching and seeing different parts of the baby. It really is a miracle! We saw little toes, arms, legs, the brain, eyes..... then she asked if we wanted to know- and it is a girl! I couldn't help but be SO excited. We continued to watch her, the doctor came in- everything looks great. I do go back in 6 weeks, so that will be exciting to see her getting bigger. She's a whole 9 oz. We forgot to ask how long. But the first due date of November 23rd is right on target, that didn't change at all! We went to lunch to celebrate and were just so excited. I felt that I wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while- so I wasn't on the phone right away. But it has been lots of fun to tell people and squeal! I've already gotten some girly outfits- nothing too crazy. But it is going to be a very hard 5 months without buying lots of things for her. Little Charlie. :)

For some reason today I'm feeling AWFUL- nauseas & tired.... I can feel things stretching all over, and it is not happy. I really can't complain though- I've had it pretty good so far. Today is the 20 week mark- half way!
I can't get this pic. to turn sideways, but you get the gist of it, you can see her little head! :)

On to more fun things- we had Jason's 30th b-day party on Saturday. It was a HOT day. But I didn't have to do too much running around, I knew I wouldn't be up for a lot of work. So I just ordered food and had everyone bring sides- it worked out great! We were inside till about 7 and then headed outside- cornhole was the game of choice. Jason (and I) have such good friends- most of the crowd there was from "the county" (calvert that is- what else is there!). It is just great to hang out and have fun. The rain brought everyone inside- I don't even know what time it was. Shaun & Deanna stayed the night and headed back to NC on Saturday morning- it was nice to spend time with them. I took Jason out for a birthday brunch at Boatyard in Eastport. It was pretty good! Then Monday was Jason's actual birthday and he chose Fuddruckers for dinner..... Little C likes Burgers! :) So happy 30th honey- you're old!

So this is me after the weekend- I want to do this all week: