Monday, July 14, 2008

Worst Dinner Ever!

So for all the Trader Joe's shoppers out there, I don't recommend the Lightly Battered Calamari or the Coconut Shrimp (both in frozen section). I thought since these are the two things I love to get when we're eating out and I'd try to go a cheaper route and make them myself..... not such a great idea. Both of them were so nasty (granted I baked them instead of frying.....). We ended up at Denny's for dinner (in my opinion, not that much better) but Jason was happy w/ his grand slam and I was pretty much full from my 5:00 ice cream snack. :)
I'll stick to the calamari at McCormick & Shmicks & the coconut shrimp at Pussers or Yellowfin.

Hope everyone else's dinner was great!


TortfeasorG said...

Hey, if the restaurants can make it, so can you! Why don't you try your hand at looking up a recipe and making it from scratch? Then again, ice cream and Denny's is a tempting retreat...Nice blog, keep up the posts!

Joel & Jacqueline said...

did you try their corn dogs?!? I saw them and thought of you!

I did pick up their mandarin orange chicken and veggie fried rice (separate packages)- AWESOME!

it our new replacement to Chinese take out. (at half the price)