Sunday, July 13, 2008

Managed by Christ

Whew, what a week. I took a long nap today and am looking forward to going back to sleep! We just had a great dinner of fried chicken, baked beans & corn on the cob...... ummm.

I was babysitting for a good friend on Friday night and ordered a pizza for dinner. I was sitting down eating and feeding the baby (messiest eater I have ever seen!) I looked over at the pizza box and it read "Your pizza order managed by christ" Now of course that was probably a Christopher or Chris T.... but this was just what I needed to see. If Jesus cares about me and my pizza, he cares about everything else in my life too! It was a very nice reminder.

I've started to feel Little C kicking around a little! It's very cool and still catches me off guard. All appointments are going well and she's just a growing! I'm growing too, starting to not fit in my regular tees....... Here is almost 22 weeks, we missed the 20 week mark.....

Another exciting week ahead..... :) It's been nice not having a lot planned and getting to hang out with good friends. :)


Carrie and Scott said...

oh you look so cute!

PS-just in case Tyler was 2 days late...but he broke my water on the 24th and they had to induce to me.

LoveLladro said...

Oh Sylvia! You look so cute! That baby bump looks fantastic on you!

I used to love feeling Chase kick me... I actually had the phantom kicks for a while after he was born!