Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another month!

Bullet points are easier (thanks Jessica!)

  • wow, what a month! we've been doing great- getting a great schedule going, enjoying the weather, sleeping a bit more:)

  • charlie at 6 months-

we have our checkup this week, so don't know her weight & height yet. she's a growing- and eating solids- i made oh 10 lbs of sweet potatos today..... stocked up for quite a while. tried avacado today, i ate more than her :)

  • memorial day weekend was great- great friends to be with and a super time with just the three of us.

  • so sad about john & kate +8........ MY opinion is that they should yank the show, regardless of their relationship status. i feel so bad for both of them- but john looked so pitiful during his solo interviews.

  • have had some super hard days with thinking of my parents & brother. it stinks because when other things in life are hard- it seems that much harder that they're not here. and reminders are everywhere. I am thankful to be able to have mostly positive thoughts and reactions, but those hard times get in there good. i see some therapy in my future......

  • working hard with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults- so much fun. I'm thankful to have had more speaking opportunities- some bigger, some small- I'm gaining insight on new and different aspects of my cancer journey to share & relate with others. doing relay for life with a dear friend nancy next week- looking forward to that.
  • not much else, or if there is I can't remember.... i have been forgetting EVERYTHING these days....