Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another month!

Bullet points are easier (thanks Jessica!)

  • wow, what a month! we've been doing great- getting a great schedule going, enjoying the weather, sleeping a bit more:)

  • charlie at 6 months-

we have our checkup this week, so don't know her weight & height yet. she's a growing- and eating solids- i made oh 10 lbs of sweet potatos today..... stocked up for quite a while. tried avacado today, i ate more than her :)

  • memorial day weekend was great- great friends to be with and a super time with just the three of us.

  • so sad about john & kate +8........ MY opinion is that they should yank the show, regardless of their relationship status. i feel so bad for both of them- but john looked so pitiful during his solo interviews.

  • have had some super hard days with thinking of my parents & brother. it stinks because when other things in life are hard- it seems that much harder that they're not here. and reminders are everywhere. I am thankful to be able to have mostly positive thoughts and reactions, but those hard times get in there good. i see some therapy in my future......

  • working hard with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults- so much fun. I'm thankful to have had more speaking opportunities- some bigger, some small- I'm gaining insight on new and different aspects of my cancer journey to share & relate with others. doing relay for life with a dear friend nancy next week- looking forward to that.
  • not much else, or if there is I can't remember.... i have been forgetting EVERYTHING these days....


Diana U said...

thank you so much for helping so many people understand the affects cancer has on young adults and their loved ones - I loved hearing you speak at the Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults board meeting - you are an inspiration and your parents and brother would be so proud! Diana Ulman

LoveLladro said...

Glad I could help with the bullet point idea!

Man Charlie is getting big... it goes so quick doesn't it? I am in awe of how big Chase is these days!

Sorry to hear about having a rough time without your family... sorry but not surprised. I get that way here and again... really wishing that she was around to see me as a mom. And you totally hit the nail on the head... when you are stressed and already down, those feelings come out with a vengeance... the devil knows when to strike. All I can do is let myself cry, dust myself off and keep going.

Miss you! Hugs from H-town!

Joel & Jacqueline said...

is little C's hair turning red? i think it's the sun, cause the first thing someone at church last week said to Whitaker was, 'aww, what a cute little red head'. Who knew. I think it may have do with his Grammie being a carrot top.

Carrie and Scott said...

sorry, but the men get all the glory while us woman go through all the "stuff". I have to say it...she looks just like Jason. miss y'all. wish we could get up there to see everyone, but doesn't look too promising. we ended up renting our house again...for a loss:(. It's the way it goes and ultimately God's plan to keep us obedient towards Him, who is Always in control.