Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Pics

Rolled over for the first time during the blessing of easter dinner- no one saw it!

everything in the mouth & doing push ups

watching final four basketball w/ daddy!

a visit from DEAR friends the Balamucki's from North Carolina!

Best Bud Whitaker Samples came to visit from Ohio- we miss them!

Finally a nice, warm day outside

Not a happy girl

George Castanza eat your heart out!

1 comment:

LoveLladro said...

Oh Sylvia... thank you so much for posting these pictures! She is just amazing! She's getting so big and even cuter by the day!

Oh and I can think of 3 very special people that saw Charlie roll over for the first time... I think they are quite proud to be the only ones ;~) Hugs to you and Charlie!