Monday, December 14, 2009

oh the fun of being one!

almost a month later........
charlie's first birthday was a fantastic day- she had no idea what was going on and was asleep for the first half of her party. which was jungle themed- very fun! I had my best friend Alicia up from north carolina to get everything together.
what an awesome day- and amazing friends & family to help celebrate this milestone. we are truly blessed.

on another note i figured it was time to change up some of the decorations in charlie's room. here are the old pics- cards from baby shower (i've since replaced w/ cards from 1st birthday, but haven't taken pics yet.) this girl is growing up! :)

i've yet to put them up- but i found some old school letter cards that i am going to hang up on the wall. i've been searching for the perfect set and just never ordered any. while going through things from my parents house i found these- full of tape & pin marks. I'm sure they lined the walls of all of our rooms when we were little. having this to put up for charlie is so very special. will have to take pics soon!