Thursday, December 4, 2008

we're still here!

Hey friends- whew! Two weeks tomorrow since our little charlie was born! Amazing! She is so incredible, and we are having a great time adjusting and learning all about her. Here are a bunch of pics. : )

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

family photos

These are some of the pics that I was so excited about taking while we were in NC. We went to the same place where we got married- can't wait to take Charlie there next year and do more of the same!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cankles & frozen pizza

After a super productive day, I am glad to be home in front of the tv.

I am a little jealous though, my husband is at Lewnes for dinner, and I am having frozen pizza. (for those of you who are not in MD, Lewnes is only THE best steak around!) Who is the one about to give birth here? (should have come back for dinner jacq!) :) No, I am glad for him- and his brothers wanted to take him out before Charlie is born. Jason deserves it too- he's been working extra hard lately, and all his hard work has allowed me to have the past 4 weeks to rest, prepare, and try to get as organized as possible as our family is about to change in a major way!

And yeah, my hormones have kicked into FULL gear. I kept amazing myself about how cool and collected and never upset I was..... that changed! ha. It's Brooke's fault- after seeing her testimony again this sunday at church, I have been a wreck! :) Her testimony is amazing, and getting to know her over the past few years and seeing her family grow is such a testimony to God's love and power and faithfullness. OK- have to stop talking about it! :) The reality of giving birth is starting to sink in, and just that we will soon be a family of three. It's exciting and scary as hell! (and.... someone at church told me I must be getting close b/c my face is really filling out- thanks a lot!)

So I'm much closer to having a bag packed for the hospital, the diaper changing stations upstairs & down stocked, most all laundry done, shopping sprees & target & babies r us with remaining giftcards (that resulted in the cankles)-

Now I can enjoy my dvr'd shows of gossip girl, one tree hill, and general hospital. Sweet! :)

Tomorrow is another fun filled day- one last sonogram before the big arrival, and I get to spend the afternoon w/ two amazing girls- can't wait.

If there are no leftovers from Lewnes, Jason promised to take me out for a steak dinner within the next week, my vote is for the orignal steakhouse in edgewater, so if anyone wants to join, we'll let you know when!

I need to redo this pic in the black tank- not as dramatic in the stripes. B/c I am feeling a lot bigger than this!

Friday, November 7, 2008

animal control

yuck- yesterday while passing my neighbor coming into the neighborhood, he stopped and said- I have some bad news..... ok- there was a dead deer in our back yard. Glad it wasn't a human death, but sad!
So my girlfriend and I get home, and sure enough- straight ahead in front of the driveway right on the treeline of the yard is a poor deer, laying there.
Called animal control right away and they said they'd send someone out to pick it up today. So when the guy comes, all he does is wear plastic gloves, he drags the deer across the yard- gross. I came outside but wouldn't look at the thing- he said it was a BIG deer- had horns or bucks- whatever you call them- even! He didn't know what caused it's death, which is kinda a bummer- would have been nice to know. I went inside as he started hoisting it in the back of his truck- which he told me not to come near- must have been more road kill in the back.
Gross. What a hard job to have.

You can tell how exciting my day has been, huh! :)
Got a fun visit from my little man Whitaker & Jacqueline. We had the best intentions of taking advantage of the weather and walking, but I sure couldn't get my butt off the couch.
But despite having a long day after not sleeping..... (what will we do after charlie is born and we're up all night!) I whipped up a great dinner and have spinach lasanga cooking up- yum.
Back to the couch :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

nursery pics

Whew- we're all ready for charlie- just need her! the room is beautiful, and we love to just go in and sit! Kitty likes to be in with us too, she probably thinks it's all for her.
The delivery people from pottery barn assembled the changing table, Jason's dad assembled the crib, and I did the little bookshelves. I'm working on a pin board to go up on the wall, and will get other pictures or prints to put up eventually. It's very exciting!
I get checked up on tomorrow- been having different feelings (that kinda hurt) here and there, but nothing major. I've def. slowed it down a lot more and am so tired. and hungry! Ice cream just isn't an after dinner snack anymore! :)
Anyway, just thought I'd share!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Golly

35 weeks and counting
Whew I am starting to feel it. Yesterday we had a sonogram (NO good pictures) and learned that Charlie is head down, head is ON my bladder- that explains a lot, she's a little over 5lbs, has long legs, has lots of hair, is in the fetal position (duh), butt is on my left side, feet on my right. The Dr. said "we'll see you again in four weeks if you haven't already delivered!!!!" Yikes! But that was exciting, and good news. I've been going so often b/c they're monitoring the one placenta artery, there is usually two. But thank heavens she has been developing right on target and there has been no worries. Praise God! I did get on the scale today- I have never weighed this much..... I know I can't complain- but geez. And I don't think there are many male blog readers out there, but just in case skip the next sentence..... today I did it- bought granny panties. Just got them out of the wash- and they are HUGE. And I can't WAIT to get them on tomorrow! :) Oh what is this world coming to?
Tonight we had our hospital tour- we were in the delivery room and the lady was showing us all of the features on the bed...... after exchanging glances with Jason the girl beside me said, this must be your first! Yep! We are super slackers and don't take our birth class until November 1st..... ooops...
Jacqueline without an 11lb baby in her tummy!

Other than that, things are coming right along. My get er done girlfriend Jacqueline brought her new little man Whittaker over to see me yesterday and while he slept in the swing we unpacked and did LOTS of organizing in Charlie's room. Thank you Jacq! What would I have done without you? I have the crib, just not put together, and have my changing table on order, so things are coming right along! I made a drawer for Charlie in the kitchen today and put the bottles and sippy cups..... love it.

I was SO incredibly blessed by my friends and family this past weekend with a shower- I'm telling you the people around me are so generous. And all the "stuff" is awesome and cute, and nesecary (well, most of it!) but to know that I have so much love and support around me is just amazing. I shared with my girlfriends and family that I know my parents would be happy to know that I have so many around that care for us- and that I hope to make them proud by raising a little girl who loves God, and loves others. I really am thankful for all the women in my life! (and the guys too!)

The beautiful quilt that my sister made- LOVE it!

My aunts, nana, sister & neice were in town- and that was wonderful. I LOVE having Jason's family close, and we see them often- but having my own family here was so comforting.

The week has gone by fast- I still have quite a bit to do on the to do list- big priority is to find a pediatrician! Called one today and they aren't taking new patients.... great. So much to do around the house- but it will all get done. :)

And congrats to very good friends who tied the knot recently- Shaun & Deanna in Wilmington- Jason gave a wonderful (and long) best man speech- he worked SO hard on it! We love you guys and had an AMAZING weekend at the beach-

And Michelle & Tommy- what a beautiful wedding you had this past weekend- perfect weather! Jason was in this one too, as a bridesman! I love it! He went to the bachellorette party, the wedding shower.... rode with the girls in the limo to the church- I love my man! Here is Michelle with their son Thomas before the ceremony & me & the lovely bride w/ my double chin.....

Monday, October 13, 2008


Ellee Keiko Burger!!!
Congrats to my big brother Jeremy & beautiful wife Michelle- we couldn't be more excited! She looks just like Jeremy as a baby!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Now Open

In Annapolis: target! yay! I thought it was opening on Sunday, but they must have opened early! Whoo-hoo!
And I hadn't driven through the new shopping center yet- Anthropologie is coming- watch out!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yay Jacqueline!

My prego buddy Jacqueline gave birth on Sunday to a beautiful BIG baby boy- welcome Whittaker Lee Samples!

BGE Loves Me

I am currently using the:
did a sink full of pots & pans
tv is on

At least the air conditioner is off- that should save me some right?
And at least I'm being productive- but what I should be doing is sitting my butt on the couch with a cup of tea and box of kleenex..... maybe tomorrow.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

30 weeks?

It's bad when I can't remember how far along I am..... pretty sure it's around 30 weeks- which is SO hard to believe! I am starting to feel the extra weight- my back hurts, my feet hurt..... Little Charlie is around 3 lbs! I am right on target and progressing very well. So thankful for that!

I have been miserable though for almost a week now with a lingering cold. It is awful, and I have slept for days and days and have drank LOTS of OJ, water, juice, hot tea, more water, more OJ..... no relief. At the doctor tomorrow I'll beg to take some kind of otc medicine that will knock it out for good. I have taken it easy though- didn't go to richmond which made me very sad, but it was the right choice. I shouldn't have gone to work on Sunday, but oh well. So hopefully I'll get better soon.
Because I'm not missing my high school reunion in NC this weekend! I'm really looking forward to it. I've seen and talked with a lot of people from high school, but it will still be a blast.

What else? Not a whole lot. Just a lot of TV watching..... which soon a new teenie bopper show, Priviledged is on- it's cool b/c one of Jason's good friends is the lead male role- "the hot neighbor" so it is fun seeing Brian on tv. He's done a lot of one time roles on shows like CSI, Bones, Cold Case, and stuff like that, but this is a bigger, longer role. So yay Brian!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

oh baby!

A good friend just dropped off two BIG bins of baby clothes- and oh my- they are SO cute! They're cuddly and tiny- lots of onsies & sleepers- which is great. And lots of cute little outfits & dresses- this little one is in for it! I'm going to have to get a bigger dresser! And the two bins only go to 6 months- there is no way she'll ever wear it all!
I'm so thankful for hand me downs!

Last week I had a great trip to NC- starting with a wedding in Solomon's Island- congrats Andy & Wendy! The ceremony was so sweet- and the reception lots of fun- got to see Jason's friends that he grew up with that moved away- and they all had fun talking to little c! :)

The lovely bride & groom- getting their latin flare on!

apple green reunion:

Yay Deanna- you're next! It's coming up so soon!

And then Sunday drove right to Michelle's baby shower- what a sweet time. She's about 4 weeks away from her due date- it's hard to believe how big she is- and how I'll be that way before too long! Little Baby Burger- everyone thinks it's a boy- but we'll find out soon enough!

One of Julia's masterpiece quilts (can't wait to see what mine looks like!!!)

Sisters :)

Looking forward to another fun busy week! Tomorrow will be an awesome concert, Gavin Degraw with fun girlfriends. Then over the weekend hanging out with all my Raliegh peeps in Richmond! Trying to get all of the traveling and fun done while I still can!

Football season is underway.....I like it when everyone gets together to hang out, but it is going to be a long season.... I'm glad Jason enjoys it. Today I kicked his butt in one of those arcade basketball games- bring it on! We're supposed to give Kitty a bath, but I think we'll be too tired.

Cravings this week: SNICKERS ummmm!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

thankful for family

I just returned from a week long trip to see various family members- it was so nice. My sister Julia and her husband Will, and daughter Flora came to MD on Friday the 15th- we had a super busy weekend of cookouts and parties- it was great.
Monday morning we headed out for New Rochelle- to see my dad's mom Nana and two sisters, Aunt Joan & Aunt Liz. We headed out for some fun- but the amusement park we headed for was closed.... but that's ok, b/c we got to go to Walters Hot Dog stand- VERY good! We had a great night of talking, walking the dog, just spending time together. It is always cool to be in my dad's childhood home and to recall my own memories of going there while we were growing up.

Tuesday morning we were off (after I slept in till 8am!) to LaFayette- Grandma's house (mom's mom). That was about a 5-6 hour drive (broken up by cracker barrell for lunch..... ummmm!). We found grandma in the barn tending to her unbelievable garlic harvest. This woman is incredible. We stayed w/ an Aunt & Uncle (mark & melissa) who live a few miles down the road in a beautiful timber framed house overlooking fields & forests. It is so quiet out there and peaceful. I'm not a fan of the winter- but I'd love to be up during a snow. By the time the weekend came tons of aunts and uncles & cousins came to town to be together- I was so thankful to be able to get away and spend time continuing to get to know my relatives.

Highlights of the week away:

- not being the driver! was able to sit back & relax!

- Hot dogs from walters :)

- walking to the park and talking about my parents w/ Julia & Liz

- listening to my nana talk about how she recently took the train to the city (nyc) and just had a great time walking around.

- seeing a wonderful picture I hadn't seen before of my parents while they were in college

- having my picture taken w/ Derek- I know there must be one from growing up, but I needed another one. Derek is worthy of having his own post one day.

-sleeping till noon one day while everyone else was at work or sightseeing!

-not watching hardly any tv

- seeing a cousin's daughter eat cotton candy for the first time at the NY State Fair

-wearing a dress that my mom made while she was pregnant with me and wearing it for "the hen party" (baby shower w/ my relatives at grandma's house)

- getting to spend some time w/ a girlfriend from high school who goes to the same college my parents went to (and getting excited about our high school reunion coming up!)

- going to Knoxie's (the bar that you drive by everyday but have never been in)

- seeing my 84 year old grandmother with her twin sister- and not always being able to tell them apart! They need to write a book!

- going to the cemetary where my dad lies & my mom and brother are remembered. Seeing two fawns run away as we leave from there- and just feeling close to them.

- fried green tomatoes at the Dinosaur BBQ

- everything else we ate at the Dinosaur BBQ for that matter (mac & cheese, wings, pork egg rolls..... we had the bbq the day before at the state fair!)

- reading and relaxing

Things that I could have done without:

- the cd selection in the car (sorry will......but I do agree 100% that the driver picks the music!)

- a week without my husband

- going to the cemetary.....first time since the burial. It was good in a hard way.

- a week without my kitty!

- not feeling Charlie move as much- but I swear as soon as we crossed the MD state line at midnight she got back to kicking..... but it did make me paranoid all week that she wasn't moving a lot!

- some hurtful conversations and not being able to ask my mom what to do!

- the hardness of the water in new york state- it just smelled funny!

- random food at random times- glad I took the jumbo sized tums bottle......

Ukraniane Catholic Cemetary in Syracuse, NY.

Derek & me. Is Derek technically my uncle? Not sure!


A VERY happy pregnant girl w/ some of the best food in the country!

Julia, Grandma & me- ready to go home, but not ready to leave!

Grandma's homegrown garlic. Amazing!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fabulous Birthday!

It's the week of Sylvia..... :)

No, last night we had my birthday dinner at the Melting Pot- I was very suprised to have flowers & balloons waiting at the table when we got there- thank you husband! We had never been there before so had fun picking things out. Makes me want a fondue pot!
This morning went to work to come in to this:

My boss Kelly is THE most creative, fun, generous person! I've been so blessed to have worked for her for two years! Each baggie had a little thing for Charlie- shoes, hat, blanket, shirt...... all pink, green, & brown polka dots. This little one is in for it! :)
Had a very productive day at work, lots of hugs- VERY tired.

I was supposed to teach a middle school bible study tonight for a group of girls, but had to back out. Feeling too exauhsted, and these days I know when to listen to my body. So we've just had a relaxing night- napping with Kitty, looking forward to gymnastics.

28 is wonderful so far! Although it's 8:30 & I'm ready for bed!

The crazy week continues......

My feet are disappearing!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Here we are at 25 weeks..... it's scary to think I'll only get bigger! Just bought new tennis shoes (I only had the other ones for three years..... can you tell how much I exercise!) to absorb the weight better. :) We had a sonogram last week and she was hiding- hands in front of her face- she was doubled up so her feet were in front of her face too! She must have stretched out again, because she's kicking away.

Looking forward to having my sister in town this weekend- then we head to see both sides of our family in New York.

It's a crazy week- but I just cleaned and organized the pantry- I feel very productive today! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get the Door.....

It's Dominos! How many of you already knew that was coming?
So on your whole order is tracked and they tell you exactly what they're doing with your pizza!
"Joshua put your order in the oven at 5:50."
For whatever reason, I think this is really cool! It's almost as if they have a "daycare camera" so you can follow every step of the way.
And then there's the "fact-o-meter."- the average american eats 46 slices of pizza a year. Am I above average? Not sure. Probably.
OK- this is more believeable- American's eat 100 acres of pizza a day- thats 350 slices per second. Cool but gross!

OK enough facts- I'm hungry! Uh-oh- my pizza baked for 8 minutes- it's now in the heatwave bag at 5:58. How long will it take for the delivery man to leave?
Did I not have enough excitement in my day? It was very productive! And tomorrow we get to see Charlie again at a sonogram appointment! I can't believe we're creeping up on mid-august.
Oh wow, domino's drivers drive 9 million miles each week! That's 37.5 round trips to the moon! Makes me feel lazy! OK- what are they waiting for???

We have a low key weekend this weekend, then the craziness begins. Then I'll be in New York, then in NC, back for a couple weeks, then back to NC for my 10 year high school reunion! Then back, finish my career at Bay Area- back to NC for a wedding. Then home to nesting, resting, and trying to prepare for Charlie. Time is going to fly!
OK- going on 10 minutes and my dinner is just sitting there! I should have put on the notes that I am a hungry, pregnant woman!
Alright, I lied, it wasn't 10 minutes. "Our delivery expert, Nicolay, left the store with your order at 6:05pm. God Bless Nicolay!
I don't think ordering pizza has ever been this fun! Now to prepare a healthy salad to go along with the greasiness.
Bon Appetite!

6:32pm- pizza in hand

7:20pm: ate too much, feeling gross now! Time for a walk!