Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cankles & frozen pizza

After a super productive day, I am glad to be home in front of the tv.

I am a little jealous though, my husband is at Lewnes for dinner, and I am having frozen pizza. (for those of you who are not in MD, Lewnes is only THE best steak around!) Who is the one about to give birth here? (should have come back for dinner jacq!) :) No, I am glad for him- and his brothers wanted to take him out before Charlie is born. Jason deserves it too- he's been working extra hard lately, and all his hard work has allowed me to have the past 4 weeks to rest, prepare, and try to get as organized as possible as our family is about to change in a major way!

And yeah, my hormones have kicked into FULL gear. I kept amazing myself about how cool and collected and never upset I was..... that changed! ha. It's Brooke's fault- after seeing her testimony again this sunday at church, I have been a wreck! :) Her testimony is amazing, and getting to know her over the past few years and seeing her family grow is such a testimony to God's love and power and faithfullness. OK- have to stop talking about it! :) The reality of giving birth is starting to sink in, and just that we will soon be a family of three. It's exciting and scary as hell! (and.... someone at church told me I must be getting close b/c my face is really filling out- thanks a lot!)

So I'm much closer to having a bag packed for the hospital, the diaper changing stations upstairs & down stocked, most all laundry done, shopping sprees & target & babies r us with remaining giftcards (that resulted in the cankles)-

Now I can enjoy my dvr'd shows of gossip girl, one tree hill, and general hospital. Sweet! :)

Tomorrow is another fun filled day- one last sonogram before the big arrival, and I get to spend the afternoon w/ two amazing girls- can't wait.

If there are no leftovers from Lewnes, Jason promised to take me out for a steak dinner within the next week, my vote is for the orignal steakhouse in edgewater, so if anyone wants to join, we'll let you know when!

I need to redo this pic in the black tank- not as dramatic in the stripes. B/c I am feeling a lot bigger than this!

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