Friday, November 7, 2008

animal control

yuck- yesterday while passing my neighbor coming into the neighborhood, he stopped and said- I have some bad news..... ok- there was a dead deer in our back yard. Glad it wasn't a human death, but sad!
So my girlfriend and I get home, and sure enough- straight ahead in front of the driveway right on the treeline of the yard is a poor deer, laying there.
Called animal control right away and they said they'd send someone out to pick it up today. So when the guy comes, all he does is wear plastic gloves, he drags the deer across the yard- gross. I came outside but wouldn't look at the thing- he said it was a BIG deer- had horns or bucks- whatever you call them- even! He didn't know what caused it's death, which is kinda a bummer- would have been nice to know. I went inside as he started hoisting it in the back of his truck- which he told me not to come near- must have been more road kill in the back.
Gross. What a hard job to have.

You can tell how exciting my day has been, huh! :)
Got a fun visit from my little man Whitaker & Jacqueline. We had the best intentions of taking advantage of the weather and walking, but I sure couldn't get my butt off the couch.
But despite having a long day after not sleeping..... (what will we do after charlie is born and we're up all night!) I whipped up a great dinner and have spinach lasanga cooking up- yum.
Back to the couch :)

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