Wednesday, November 5, 2008

nursery pics

Whew- we're all ready for charlie- just need her! the room is beautiful, and we love to just go in and sit! Kitty likes to be in with us too, she probably thinks it's all for her.
The delivery people from pottery barn assembled the changing table, Jason's dad assembled the crib, and I did the little bookshelves. I'm working on a pin board to go up on the wall, and will get other pictures or prints to put up eventually. It's very exciting!
I get checked up on tomorrow- been having different feelings (that kinda hurt) here and there, but nothing major. I've def. slowed it down a lot more and am so tired. and hungry! Ice cream just isn't an after dinner snack anymore! :)
Anyway, just thought I'd share!


LoveLladro said...

Oh Sylvia... the nursery looks wonderful... you did a fabulous job! Charlie will love it!

Stephanie & Kevin said...

I love the nursery pics...can't wait to see Charlie!

J2Samples said...

OH OH OH SOOOO excited!

helen.ab said...

The room is beautiful - you should be very proud of it.

I am holding a nursery pictures contest on my site until Jan 2009. Please come over and enter as soon as you can!

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I'm sure my readers would love to see your room!