Tuesday, September 16, 2008

30 weeks?

It's bad when I can't remember how far along I am..... pretty sure it's around 30 weeks- which is SO hard to believe! I am starting to feel the extra weight- my back hurts, my feet hurt..... Little Charlie is around 3 lbs! I am right on target and progressing very well. So thankful for that!

I have been miserable though for almost a week now with a lingering cold. It is awful, and I have slept for days and days and have drank LOTS of OJ, water, juice, hot tea, more water, more OJ..... no relief. At the doctor tomorrow I'll beg to take some kind of otc medicine that will knock it out for good. I have taken it easy though- didn't go to richmond which made me very sad, but it was the right choice. I shouldn't have gone to work on Sunday, but oh well. So hopefully I'll get better soon.
Because I'm not missing my high school reunion in NC this weekend! I'm really looking forward to it. I've seen and talked with a lot of people from high school, but it will still be a blast.

What else? Not a whole lot. Just a lot of TV watching..... which soon a new teenie bopper show, Priviledged is on- it's cool b/c one of Jason's good friends is the lead male role- "the hot neighbor" so it is fun seeing Brian on tv. He's done a lot of one time roles on shows like CSI, Bones, Cold Case, and stuff like that, but this is a bigger, longer role. So yay Brian!


LoveLladro said...

I love that bump! So adorably cute!

Michelle said...

You're all belly!! Lucky :)
You will have no problem losing those lbs after Charlie come.