Sunday, September 7, 2008

oh baby!

A good friend just dropped off two BIG bins of baby clothes- and oh my- they are SO cute! They're cuddly and tiny- lots of onsies & sleepers- which is great. And lots of cute little outfits & dresses- this little one is in for it! I'm going to have to get a bigger dresser! And the two bins only go to 6 months- there is no way she'll ever wear it all!
I'm so thankful for hand me downs!

Last week I had a great trip to NC- starting with a wedding in Solomon's Island- congrats Andy & Wendy! The ceremony was so sweet- and the reception lots of fun- got to see Jason's friends that he grew up with that moved away- and they all had fun talking to little c! :)

The lovely bride & groom- getting their latin flare on!

apple green reunion:

Yay Deanna- you're next! It's coming up so soon!

And then Sunday drove right to Michelle's baby shower- what a sweet time. She's about 4 weeks away from her due date- it's hard to believe how big she is- and how I'll be that way before too long! Little Baby Burger- everyone thinks it's a boy- but we'll find out soon enough!

One of Julia's masterpiece quilts (can't wait to see what mine looks like!!!)

Sisters :)

Looking forward to another fun busy week! Tomorrow will be an awesome concert, Gavin Degraw with fun girlfriends. Then over the weekend hanging out with all my Raliegh peeps in Richmond! Trying to get all of the traveling and fun done while I still can!

Football season is underway.....I like it when everyone gets together to hang out, but it is going to be a long season.... I'm glad Jason enjoys it. Today I kicked his butt in one of those arcade basketball games- bring it on! We're supposed to give Kitty a bath, but I think we'll be too tired.

Cravings this week: SNICKERS ummmm!

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