Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Golly

35 weeks and counting
Whew I am starting to feel it. Yesterday we had a sonogram (NO good pictures) and learned that Charlie is head down, head is ON my bladder- that explains a lot, she's a little over 5lbs, has long legs, has lots of hair, is in the fetal position (duh), butt is on my left side, feet on my right. The Dr. said "we'll see you again in four weeks if you haven't already delivered!!!!" Yikes! But that was exciting, and good news. I've been going so often b/c they're monitoring the one placenta artery, there is usually two. But thank heavens she has been developing right on target and there has been no worries. Praise God! I did get on the scale today- I have never weighed this much..... I know I can't complain- but geez. And I don't think there are many male blog readers out there, but just in case skip the next sentence..... today I did it- bought granny panties. Just got them out of the wash- and they are HUGE. And I can't WAIT to get them on tomorrow! :) Oh what is this world coming to?
Tonight we had our hospital tour- we were in the delivery room and the lady was showing us all of the features on the bed...... after exchanging glances with Jason the girl beside me said, this must be your first! Yep! We are super slackers and don't take our birth class until November 1st..... ooops...
Jacqueline without an 11lb baby in her tummy!

Other than that, things are coming right along. My get er done girlfriend Jacqueline brought her new little man Whittaker over to see me yesterday and while he slept in the swing we unpacked and did LOTS of organizing in Charlie's room. Thank you Jacq! What would I have done without you? I have the crib, just not put together, and have my changing table on order, so things are coming right along! I made a drawer for Charlie in the kitchen today and put the bottles and sippy cups..... love it.

I was SO incredibly blessed by my friends and family this past weekend with a shower- I'm telling you the people around me are so generous. And all the "stuff" is awesome and cute, and nesecary (well, most of it!) but to know that I have so much love and support around me is just amazing. I shared with my girlfriends and family that I know my parents would be happy to know that I have so many around that care for us- and that I hope to make them proud by raising a little girl who loves God, and loves others. I really am thankful for all the women in my life! (and the guys too!)

The beautiful quilt that my sister made- LOVE it!

My aunts, nana, sister & neice were in town- and that was wonderful. I LOVE having Jason's family close, and we see them often- but having my own family here was so comforting.

The week has gone by fast- I still have quite a bit to do on the to do list- big priority is to find a pediatrician! Called one today and they aren't taking new patients.... great. So much to do around the house- but it will all get done. :)

And congrats to very good friends who tied the knot recently- Shaun & Deanna in Wilmington- Jason gave a wonderful (and long) best man speech- he worked SO hard on it! We love you guys and had an AMAZING weekend at the beach-

And Michelle & Tommy- what a beautiful wedding you had this past weekend- perfect weather! Jason was in this one too, as a bridesman! I love it! He went to the bachellorette party, the wedding shower.... rode with the girls in the limo to the church- I love my man! Here is Michelle with their son Thomas before the ceremony & me & the lovely bride w/ my double chin.....

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Carrie and Scott said...

You look WAY cute! We're so happy for you! Nov. 23 is coming up fast. And that first year flies by! Have fun!