Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fabulous Birthday!

It's the week of Sylvia..... :)

No, last night we had my birthday dinner at the Melting Pot- I was very suprised to have flowers & balloons waiting at the table when we got there- thank you husband! We had never been there before so had fun picking things out. Makes me want a fondue pot!
This morning went to work to come in to this:

My boss Kelly is THE most creative, fun, generous person! I've been so blessed to have worked for her for two years! Each baggie had a little thing for Charlie- shoes, hat, blanket, shirt...... all pink, green, & brown polka dots. This little one is in for it! :)
Had a very productive day at work, lots of hugs- VERY tired.

I was supposed to teach a middle school bible study tonight for a group of girls, but had to back out. Feeling too exauhsted, and these days I know when to listen to my body. So we've just had a relaxing night- napping with Kitty, looking forward to gymnastics.

28 is wonderful so far! Although it's 8:30 & I'm ready for bed!

The crazy week continues......

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