Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun Day!

What a great day!
Wake up- work on a fundraiser we're involved with (more info on that later).
Jason talks me into taking him out for breakfast so I suggest a new (to us) place.
Head out to Grumps on Forest Dr- it was awesome! We loved it! Looking forward to going back for burgers!
Did a couple errands- Jason tried to off road it in his car yesterday (well, just drove down a muddy dirt road- lots of brown on a black car) so we went to the fun car wash (the one near the harbour center with the awesome gift shop).
Had a baby appointment- yay! Saw a wonderful doctor, asked great questions, heard Charlies heartbeat- what a miracle. I'm right on target at 24.5 weeks. Made all my appointment through my due date of November 2r3d! Crazy! Time seems to be flying by!
Then we did errands- which we rarely do together, so that was fun! Drove through Davidsonville to get home- by the way of 711 where we got slurpies..... ummm!
Came home and enjoyed the backyard with the sun. Went over and enjoyed the neighbors backyard in the pool for a little while! :)
Came home and got talked into watching a dudeflick- Superbad...... sophmoric humor at it's best.
Cooked a great dinner, took a walk around the neighborhood, finished watching the movie.
Watched John & Kate Plus 8.
And now am being challenged to a game of checkers. I'm pretty sure I'll win.

Mondays are great!


LoveLladro said...

I just watched Jon and Kate! I so want to take Chase to the train museum... when he can appreciate it of course!

J2Samples said...

that is a day i am truly jealous of!