Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get the Door.....

It's Dominos! How many of you already knew that was coming?
So on your whole order is tracked and they tell you exactly what they're doing with your pizza!
"Joshua put your order in the oven at 5:50."
For whatever reason, I think this is really cool! It's almost as if they have a "daycare camera" so you can follow every step of the way.
And then there's the "fact-o-meter."- the average american eats 46 slices of pizza a year. Am I above average? Not sure. Probably.
OK- this is more believeable- American's eat 100 acres of pizza a day- thats 350 slices per second. Cool but gross!

OK enough facts- I'm hungry! Uh-oh- my pizza baked for 8 minutes- it's now in the heatwave bag at 5:58. How long will it take for the delivery man to leave?
Did I not have enough excitement in my day? It was very productive! And tomorrow we get to see Charlie again at a sonogram appointment! I can't believe we're creeping up on mid-august.
Oh wow, domino's drivers drive 9 million miles each week! That's 37.5 round trips to the moon! Makes me feel lazy! OK- what are they waiting for???

We have a low key weekend this weekend, then the craziness begins. Then I'll be in New York, then in NC, back for a couple weeks, then back to NC for my 10 year high school reunion! Then back, finish my career at Bay Area- back to NC for a wedding. Then home to nesting, resting, and trying to prepare for Charlie. Time is going to fly!
OK- going on 10 minutes and my dinner is just sitting there! I should have put on the notes that I am a hungry, pregnant woman!
Alright, I lied, it wasn't 10 minutes. "Our delivery expert, Nicolay, left the store with your order at 6:05pm. God Bless Nicolay!
I don't think ordering pizza has ever been this fun! Now to prepare a healthy salad to go along with the greasiness.
Bon Appetite!

6:32pm- pizza in hand

7:20pm: ate too much, feeling gross now! Time for a walk!


LoveLladro said...

The only thing more fun then tracking a Domino's pizza is reading about you doing it! Too funny!

Travis and Mindy Galey said...

Love dominos! It was great to see you and Jason again! Have a great week. Hope to see you Thursday!

panchon lopez said...

Now here is a woman who is SERIOUS about her pizza!!
See you soon, love you, Julia