Thursday, July 3, 2008

Working ALL day before the long weekend

I am covering the front desk at work yesterday and today. I have completed the things that I needed to do for my work. Now what? I've chatted w/ friends on Facebook, looked through everyones pics on myspace, created baby registries at a couple of places (WAY too many options!), caught up on everyone else's blogs, read blogs of people I don't know, I took my boss to the airport, copied Jason's email addresses, paid a lot of bills, and have eaten lunch and then some. And it's not even 2pm!

We're headed to Ocean City tomorrow for a quick trip- I'm looking forward to sleeping under the umbrella. It is going to be hot. My shrinking bladder will be no fun, and getting into a bikini is a scary thought. The water is way too cold for me to get in up here- how far away are the outlets in Rehobeth? :)

It's hard to believe it's July. July isn't too booked- which is nice. August is crazy, I'll be away every weekend. Looking forward to spending time in NC- I miss it a ton.

OK, open to suggestions on what to do online. :)

Another picture of Ivan & Lucia that I have on this computer:

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