Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another day at the front desk!

Hi Friends!
Nothing too exciting to report- working at the front desk again so I have some time to chill in front of the computer.
Two of my best friends are coming to town late tonight, so I couldn't be happier about that. And it's funny- I hear talk in the office about a middle or high school lock in tomorrow- makes me think of the good old days at Chapel Hill Weselyan and the crazy lock ins we had there..... those days were the best.
It's crazy to think about what high school (and younger) kids are faced with today- it's a little scary to see kids not be kids.... I'm thankful to have had friends that cared about me spiritually during those times, and while we had the best times of our lives, it was never anything bad. OK, I'm a goody goody! :) But I never thought of myself that way. I pray for our little girl now- that she has protective friends and is not drawn to all the evil & sin. It's cool to think about ALL the friends that we have having babies right now- some will move away and some will stay- but these are the people that our little ones will be around. That is a cool thought. (because we're not moving anywhere! we'll be on hunting ct till we can't walk up the steps!- and then we'll put in a chair lift! :) )

Anyway, excited about the weekend!

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LoveLladro said...

Gack! I am one of the ones moving away! I am going to miss you guys so much and I am sad that Chase won't grow up in the middle of all these babies! Please pray that we find our place out in Hagerstown!