Monday, January 5, 2009

I actually want her to wake up!

So daytime napping is something that Charlie isn't a big fan of. Her habit seems to be down for 20 minutes, then up again..... unless we go out- then she sleeps the whole time (we go out a lot).
(it also seems like if she's sleeping more during the day, she sleeps better at night- is that an absurd observation?)

Since she didn't sleep all that great last night, and cried & cried this morning...... she's knocked herself out. But now I want her to wake up so she can eat- I'm filling up! (TMI!)

Now I have plenty to do during these unexpected longer naps (dishes, laundry, folding, trash, vacuum, christmas decorations, mail, bills, phone calls, (when is my next dr appointment?), grocieres, thank yous, recylcing..... sound familiar!) but all I want to do is go back to bed! Goodness. I've managed to catch the awful cold that is going around. I did get a humidifier to run at night. I think Charlie loves the noise that it makes.

OK- enough complaining (for now!)


J2Samples said...

i can't get over how much shes changed! wow!

napping trumps chores ANY DAY! :)

no you're not crazy about the more naps during the day = better night sleep. Whit's the exact same way.

LoveLladro said...

isn't that the truth... you want them down and they're up... you want them up and they're out!