Thursday, August 27, 2009

where oh where......

i know that is a kiddie song- haven't learned it yet- although now i think the tune will be in my head (and yours!) for a while. ooops!

Been too long, huh? We've been all over the place! Mid July Charlie and I went to North Carolina- we never have enough time there- ever. But we squeezed in time here and there- the main reason was going to a meeting/mediation with our lawyers about the lawsuit from my family's accident. What a nightmare- it was draining mentally & emotionally- and nothing really happened. We knew it wouldn't- but it was a hard day. Hopefully this will all be wrapped up in 6-8 months (candidly speaking.... hehehe).

Flora rode home with me to maryland and we had days full of spongebob & swimming! Julia came up a few days later and us girls headed north to Grandma's. What a special trip that was- a slow paced time on beautiful property and good food. After a few days we headed east to Nana's where life is a little bit faster paced. Charlie had her first trip to NYC- she loved it of course. As hard as it was traveling and sleeping (she actually slept very very well)- it was SO worth it to see family- especially grandmothers. I'm thankful we can take off and my husband will stay home and work very hard!

Early August just the three of us headed to the beach- a beautiful home of a co-worker of jasons that we were able to stay at. It was a great time- but now i see why people travel with nannies or their whole family! Charlie rules the schedule- but I am totally ok with that. She def. takes priority and when she is happy- we are all happy!

So we've been home for a couple of weeks now- Charlie is growing and growing. She's such a doll. She is very happy *most* of the time- when she's not it is very frustrating! (today she screamed on our whole walk- but when we got home and picked her up- she let out a BIG burp- we'll remember that next time!).

I've got exciting things going on here and there- i wish there were more than 24 hours in a day!

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LoveLladro said...

Sorry to hear about the lawyer lawsuit stuff... I really hope that comes to a conclusion soon.

Charlie is getting so big... what a beautiful little girl! Glad to see a post... love seeing your faces ;~)