Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Oh my family took joys out of the little things in life.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation being one of them.

My husband Jason loves this movie and asked if it would bother me if we watched it. I said no, and as soon as the music came on- it took me back to my living room in Hillsborough.
I could just hear my dad laugh at all the same moments, slapping his knee, and then start to cough because he was laughing so hard. Whew.

He'd laugh whenever cousin Eddie said anything, whenever Clark did something stupid (when didn't that happen!) and pretty much through the whole movie.
If you knew my parents, you know that they could watch the same movie over and over- this was one of them!

Later that night Jason and I were talking- and watching this movie was his last memory of spending time with them. We were home for Thanksgiving and we decided to stay and watch a little bit of Christmas Vacation before hitting the road :)

So next time you watch Clark Griswald, give a big old laugh for Charley :)

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