Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gas Money

I was excited to give someone "gas money" today as they left for a trip.

Whenever I'd head out on the road back to school, or even up to visit Jason, my dad always gave me gas money. :) Sometimes it was my mom making him give it to me:

Dad: here you go (a couple bucks)

Mom: Charles- give her more!

Dad: 20 Dollars? (anyone who knows my dads voice I'm sure can hear the way he'd say it!)

Mom: Charles!

Dad: ok, ok.....
So this is when I made the final move to Maryland. It was Kitty and me for 5 hours! I knew my parents were really happy for me that day! :)

I really would use the money for gas- although I remember when gas was .87 cents and you could get gas and snacks!

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