Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm reading the cutest book called Cold Tangerines- it's a collection of short stories about a girl and growing up and her family. After I read this I had to share:

Family gets made when you decide to hold hands and sit shoulder to shoulder when it seems like the sky is falling. Family gets made when the world becomes strange and disorienting, and the only face you recognize is his. Family gets made when the future obscures itself like a solar eclipse, and in the intervening darkness, you decide that no matter what happens in the night, you'll face it as one.

Now the author (shauna niequest) was specifically refering to her husband for this. And I agree- Jason is my number one go to person- and I am so thankful for him and everything he does for me.

In losing such a large part of my family- I've discovered that I have SO many people in my life that are as close as family- not wanting to replace the title of mom, dad, and little brother- but family in the sense that they'd do anything, talk at anytime, and support me through the hard things of this life.

Makes me thankful to be part of an even larger family- to be a child of God- to depend on Jesus more than a mother or father.

Anyway, thanks to all of my family- I love you all tons.

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Taegs said...

Amen sister! :)

Isn't Cold Tangerines a great book?