Friday, February 15, 2008

roses from jason! :)

So my husband DOES pay attention in small group! A few weeks ago I shared how I'd love to get white roses b/c of the painting I recieved- and earlier in the week I got a bouquet of them at work! They're gorgeous. Thanks honey :)

So yesterday, Valentines Day I was getting some cheese dip, ummmm! for our small group party at Whole Foods. I have never in my life seen so many men buying flowers, candy, steaks...... it was really something.
I'm not opposed to getting flowers or gifts of any sort! But I think that people should honor and give to their spouses on a regular basis- not just a day that Hallmark makes a ton of money. I thought about how there are things that I could do more for Jason- and I will try to keep it up! :)

Anyway, had to share about the white roses. :)

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