Sunday, June 8, 2008


So unless it's elastic, I can't fit into any clothes..... luckily I have several stretchy skirts & capris that should get me through this in-between time of too big for my regular size and not big enough for maternity. It is kinda depressing though when I can't fit pants over my hips! Oh well. I have a regular checkup tomorrow- the only thing that has really changed is getting lots of bad headaches. I know the heat isn't helping- and I'm doing very well at drinking lots and lots of water. We find out the sex on June 26th! That is just around the corner! So that is about all in babyland. Well, not really. We talked about middle names- and are liking Charlie Ann for a girl & Caleb Ivan for a boy.

I thought of Ivan a lot today. I met a new person at church today, and he just moved to the area to work in commercial diving. I assumed this had something to do with fishing (I don't know why, he would have said he was a fisherman....) so in asking more about it he said it was like construction under water. I immediatley thought of Ivan b/c this is what he really wanted to do. He even had some school in New York or New Jersey that he was researching their program in underwater welding. Not the safest of jobs, but Ivan didn't live on the safe side! Here's Ivan with Lucia, Christmas of 2005. I miss him like crazy!

What else? I took a dear friend who was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer to Relay for Life this past Friday night. It was a beautiful (HOT) day- much better than the last RFL a few weeks ago. This is the Relay that I've been going to since I've moved here, and I have to admit, it was SO nice to just go and enjoy it instead of planning and preparing and working for months and months ahead of time. It was good to catch up with people I've worked with in the past- lots of fun telling them about being pregnant! I think that Barb really enjoyed the experience. It's not often that you can be with hundreds of other people that you don't know and feel so connceted to everyone. Once cancer invades your life it leaves a mark. And even though every situation is different, we all had that common factor. Barb's husband died of cancer 8 years ago, so we made some luminary bags for him and took the time to honor his memory.

Barb & I had fun walking around to all the tents & we found lots of fun things to wear!
One cool thing about the night is that I saw my oncologist there! The doctors and nurses from my clinic formed a team and were out walking! I think it's great that they care about their patients like that- and that they can see people in an uplifting environment- not just the chemo room!

And this is my dear friend Brittany- I walked with her in her first survivors lap in 2005! Brittany just got married last weekend so it was fun to see her after her big day. Brittany had (and still gets checked all the time) for melanoma. She was Miss Maryland in 2006 and has done a tremendous job on advocating against tanning salons- the source of her cancer.

I'm looking forward to a fun week- nothing too exciting. Have to say goodbye to a dear co-worker Taegan! It was exciting to see the Richmond Church Plant team gear up for the big move. I'm pumped for them- I can't imagine how they feel!

THANK GOD it's the last week of the NBA finals- I've watched way more basketball than I've cared to lately.... although I do prefer basketball to football......

Jason is on the mend from strep throat, he was pretty pittiful last week- he slept just about as much as I have been sleeping! Oh yeah, this second trimester burst of energy? I'm ready for it anytime!

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