Tuesday, May 27, 2008

highlight of the year?

Maybe! We saw Dierks Bentley on Saturday night, and it was the best night ever! Our day started great with a couple different cookouts in Calvert Co. Then down to Solomon's Island. We did some fun people watching before the concert.

So yes, I am a big dork & a member of the Dierks fan club..... but it allowed me to have a meet & greet pass- which I've done before. But now he's a much bigger artist, so it's not like I can hang around after the concert for a picture..... anyway, there were about a dozen of us or so that were fan club members and we got to spend at least 30 minutes hanging out with Dierks taking pictures and asking questions. It was really awesome. The best thing- he totally remembered me!!!! Seriously. I went up and said hi I'm Sylvia..... then he said- wait- you've been coming out since the beginning haven't you! YES!!!! I reminded him that I went to about every single show in North Carolina and then some! He really did remember! That was incredible!

Anyway, the opening band was terrible. Our seats weren't as good as I thought they'd be- but they were good. One cool thing was that there was a short line where they let people go right in front of the stage for a song- so I went to do that. It was an emotional song too, called Long Trip Alone- makes me think of my family. And I know I sound like such a dork, but when I was in that pit- Dierks saw me and smiled! yay!

Then I went back to my loving and wonderful husband! :) We cuddled when he sang "My Last Name" b/c that was our first dance at our wedding! Dierks sang so many good songs, did a bluegrass set- it was SO good. If it had been 3 years ago I would have been at the next show the next night in Maryland (Cumberland) but believe it or not, I'm not the super fan that I once was- although you probably can't tell if you're reading this! :)

Anyone who wants a cd- I'll make you one! He's a great musician!


These are just a few of the times I saw Dierks in 04/05. He always remembered that I had a different hair color.....(after chemo). And these are just some of them! :)

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