Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yesterday started off being a great day despite the weather.
We heard our baby's heartbeat! We saw it several weeks ago at an ultrasound- but to hear it again being a few weeks further along. It was really fast, and once the dr. pointed it out, all I could do was laugh! It was great!
The second highlight of the day was getting the LAST chicken biscut at chick-fil-a. It was after 10:30 (barley, like 10:35), and everyone around us was ordering lunch. All I wanted all morning was that chicken biscut, so when she said there was one more- I was very excited!

A lowlight- well, the concert I went to Sunday night was INCREDIBLE. I loved it. I'm used to seeing Jump Little Children with hundreds of other people- and at this small little bar in Arlington, there were like 20 people to see Jay Clifford. It was so good. He sang new songs, and JLC songs. I was recording songs w/ my camera- my fav. mexico & a couple of others. I went to download them yesterday, and the sound was not turned on on the camera. I was so sad! Oh well. It's one of those experiences I'll just have to remember.

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