Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28th

May 28th is a hard day..... a little harder than usual today.

It would have been my dad's birthday. I'm sad to say I'm not sure how old!!! 59 or 60?
We buried my dad this week last year.
Today Jason and I had to go to the district court because we wittnessed a drunk driver in action several months back. It was so scary that night, they crossed the median, no headlights into on coming traffic..... Today we learned that the woman was very drunk and had taken lots of sleeping medication. When she was pulled over she had no idea where she was and had on no pants..... Her lawyer kept referring to her medical condition, and the judge was like, you don't drink when you take sleeping pills, that is just common sense....
It was just really hard to sit there and not think of my family. The cause of their accident was not drunk driving, but it was partly reckless driving. It is an absolute miracle that this woman did not hurt herself or anyone else. Jason spoke up saying that all the details of our recorded phone call to 911 were correct, and it was a very scary thing to wittness. I had to hold back because I wanted to express how reckless driving has traumatized our family- and that even just one time it can ruin lives.
The woman didn't seem to get much penalty- revoked lisence for 60 days and "unsupervised probation" for a year..... for something that serious it seems like there should have been more.

It was an awkward day.

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