Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekly Happenings

It's been a crazy busy few days- starting off last week with a terrible cold. I made myself stay home from work one day last week, but it didn't do much. I went to the doctor to rule out strep throat, luckily I didn't have it. But I might as well have- b/c I felt awful! Just now starting to feel a little better!

Friday night was Relay for Life at AACC. I was so excited to take my friend Shannon. We got there and it was FREEZING! Luckily Jason hadn't left the house, so he brought us some warmer clothes. But dang it was cold! I hadn't been to this particular event site, so it was fun to just show up and take part in the festivities (instead of being on the comittee & planning, planning, planning.....). I was so proud to walk with Shannon in the survivors lap- and I could tell that being part of something within such a large cancer community was very special to her. Since it was so cold & windy out (not helping my stuffy nose & sore throat!) we left before the luminary ceremony- but we found Shannon's bag so that she could take it home & light it. We may do the Edgewater RFL together since it will be warmer (on June 6th).

This is Shannon & me in the survivors lap! Whoo-hoo!

Saturday we were up bright & early to continue to prepare for Jason's Client Appreciation Party that we held at our home on Satuday night. Thank GOD the weather held up- it was warm and perfect out. We had been preparing for weeks and Saturday I started out with Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloins, about 8 of them..... thank goodness for my double oven! The day went by so fast & there was so much to do, but somehow we pulled it off! We also made & served crab dip, tortellini kebobs, veggies, & probably the highlight was the chocolate fountain..... ummm! It was so good w/ the fruits & sweets, but man did it make a mess. Since it was windy the chocolate was literally flying around- gross! But people liked it, and I had a plastic table cloth, so I really didn't care! :)

This is our backyard while we were getting set up. The lanterns were beautiful during the day & at night- and once the flowers were on the table- it was wonderful! The night time photos just didn't capture the mood. Thanks for everyone who came- it was so great to see you all! :)
One fun part about the night was I wore my first maternity dress! It was so pretty & showed my little baby bump!

Sunday the kitchen was a DISASTER and it stayed that way! I had to work all morning at church and I was so worn out and tired, we just crashed.

OK- a few more dishes to take care of..... yay.

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